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see and hear quite well and you have a coil problem. If not, check the fuel pump relay. When the stalling happens, check to see if the fuel pump is receiving power. Once it reaches the engine compartment, the higher temperature there causes the fuel to boil.

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Overheated Ignition Coil(s) Cutting Out, this usually doesnt happen with newer cars because coils dont usually fail very easily, but its something thats actually the easiest to test. Pull a plug wire off the plug, stick a Phillips screwdriver into the plug boot, hold it near a good ground, and have someone crank the engine as you look and listen for a good spark. Whether you have an injected or carbureted engine, its not going to run on only fuel vapors. When this happens, the fuel is vaporized. You want to see drops of fuel or a spray of fuel as you move the throttle linkage. This is a condition where the fuel pump isnt delivering enough pressure and the fuel boils in the fuel lines.

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